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The Ten

Her Voice: The Ten

The 10 For The Mistress Of The Household

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The Ten is intended as a framework for basic FemDom husband training covering an agreed upon period of time, likely between four to six weeks. It is very simple.

It incorporates a physical component in the form of ten strokes applied to the husbands backside daily for six days each week.

The seventh day is left open as a day of rest, if he has performed well during the week and is making satisfactory progress, as judged by the wife. If this is not the case, the seventh day is reserved for more aggressive training in the form of the 10×6 (‘ten by six’). More on that later.

This is a daily reinforcement and indoctrination, not a spanking fantasy. It is not meant to be ‘play’, or part of foreplay.  Ideally there is no ‘happy ending’, especially not to the man.  As a matter of fact, it might be well for her to consider including orgasm control for him for the duration.

These ten statements to be recited daily, one after the each stroke applied by the woman, should be loud and clear, and ring truthful to the woman’s ear as evidence of his loving compliance and submission.

It should be carried out at the same time each day and should be ritualized to include step-by-step disrobing, positioning, implement selection and brief, private words that daily reaffirm their respective roles as controlling and submitting.

At the start, the woman selects an array of implements to be used (switch, paddle, hairbrush, cane or wooden dowel, whip, etc). These are used in a daily rotation as she sees fit. Part of the effect of The Ten is to give them both a very good exposure to these various tools.

The overall desired effect is to give her regular tactile experience of her superiority and control, and give him a daily reminder of his submission and surrender. And by going at it in this way, a fairly short period of time each day, with a consistent number of strokes, she should be drawn out of any shyness or trepidation arising from never having taken such an action. One goal is for her to feel much more assured and comfortable in selecting and using the implements either for discipline, punishment or her own desire – or never again at all, once the program is complete.  That is her choice.  It also builds her confidence in her ability to lead and control, and growth and confidence comes in daily increments.

It also has the effect of toughening his body to punishment, if that becomes useful or necessary in the future. Ten strokes each day may prove uncomfortable to him, and the cumulative effect may increase that discomfort. But the program has a fixed duration and he can deal with it, accepting it as a token of his love and submission.  And the more confident she becomes, the more he can be assured she will have her way…or else.femdom marriage - i have the pussy

As the power dynamic evolves, the daily practice also provides a ready way for her to demonstrate her resolve and express her dissatisfaction. If and/or when his daily activities don’t measure up, he should come to expect that the shortfall might be addressed in the application on the following day.

The daily practice makes the woman much more well equipped from experience to instantly respond to any hesitation on his part in carrying out the hand signals, or to performing the newly-assigned tasks.

Resistance and Resignation

The compliance of the male is an important part of husband training.  A willingness and interest in leading is also important, on the wife’s part.  But, what if, after a few days, he decides he won’t participate, or she decides this is of no interest to her?  It may spell the end of this iteration of The Ten, but hopefully the couple is strong enough and willing enough to elevate the conversation to what happened and why they feel the way they do.  The basis is love, after all, and compliance. Revisiting The Ten may or may not happen, but talking honestly can’t help but lead to brighter outcomes down the road.

Ten by 6 – Extra Reinforcement

At the onset, and for the first 10 days or so, the printed list of The Ten is immediately in front of his face as he reads them aloud.  After that, he should recite them from memory.

Failing that more than twice might invoke the ‘Ten x 6’, which calls for his reciting each item out loud, over and over for six minutes, then moving to the next. At each six minute point, he receives ten strokes, without warm-up, sympathy or constraint. And so an hour will pass during which she will deliver 60 strokes and he will have had opportunity to become well acquainted with each item on The Ten. He might expect that her frustration at having to spend her time that way will show up in the speed and intensity of the strokes. The entire event is intended to provide her with even more experience of elevated authority and intensity, and give him a memorable example of why he should really try to do as good as he can in everything he does.


At the conclusion of The Ten, there should be a commencement ceremony, either public, semi-public or private.

The daily application ceases. Whether any physical forms of punishment continue is not part of The Ten. Those are decisions made the same way the decision to embark on The Ten is made: In love, in trust and embracing one another and their proper roles in the unique relationship they enjoy.

And, of course, a ‘commencement’ is a BEGINNING, not an ending.

What would women think and do, if their man was thoroughly trained to respond and obey quickly, and their time was their own again?

The Ten

To be recited by him in descending order during daily exercises accompanied by one stroke, and replacing the bracketed [] with her name or title.

1. I love [ ] with all my heart and all my soul and cleave only to her.
2. I honor [ ] and all women at all times in all that I do, all that I intend, in all my work and in my actions.
3. I obey [ ] at all times and trustfully follow her lead in all matters.
4. I accept, comply and embrace [ ] as the loving controlling power and ultimate authority in our relationship.
5. I recognize and accept responsibility for awareness and anticipation of [ ] needs and demands, meeting them before she asks.
6. I recognize and accept my role in maintaining the domestic bliss in [ ] household.
7. I pledge to work daily to form new habits and behaviors that are more supportive, and are pleasing to [ ]
8. I recognize my own habits and behaviors that are not constructive and see that they MUST be improved.
9. I recognize male habits and behaviors formed around those attributes and see that they can be improved.
10. I recognize male attributes that are not supportive of women, undermining a loving

Her Voice: The Ten

The 10 For The Mistress Of The Household

Click To Download The 10 For The Mistress




  1. My wonderful Queen has decided to give this a try. I have always encouraged her to be more dominant and in control. Thank you for your wonderful suggestion

  2. Thank you for this. It has changed our relationship and my life.

    We have tried to incorporate FLR and D/s in our relationship before but nothing stuck.

    This made it real.

    With The Ten She was able to release her true force of power and i was able to let go of any fantasy image

    Now we revisit The Ten once a year.

    We had never been happier. She is my world and i am her total follower

  3. I’m going to give this to her. My hope is that she embraces it and as in my earlier comment leaves me no choice any longer.. I want to be hers. Only hers. One way. Hers. She is completely liberated and free.. I’m completely the opposite.

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