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FemDom Marriage – Source For Husband Training

Husband Training For Her Happiness, Control and Pleasure


The focus of this site is ‘The Ten’, which is an organized FemDom husband training method.  It provides tangible, measurable guidance to couples entering into a female led relationship, or FemDom Marriage.

Thousands of visitors have downloaded ‘The Ten’ and are putting it to use.

The desired outcomes of a period of training using ‘The Ten’:

  • To accustom her to being comfortable with unleashing and lovingly exercising her strength, her feminine power,  and her authority

  • To provide a framework to repetitively disrupt the ‘good girl’ stereotypes that block her from exercising her power

  • To provide a time period during which she can – at least temporarily – become accustomed to living a more leisurely life, as he picks up more of the share of household tasks

  • To teach him exactly what submitting to his wife means, what it feels like

  • To imprint in both she and he the power they have both vested in her

  • To become familiar with what could happen in the future if he misbehaves

Following the training methods suggested allows consenting, loving couples to clearly establish roles, behaviors and rituals that assure her comfort, her happiness, her control and her power.

A FemDom Marriage is not for everyone, but the idea is clearly getting more popular and widespread.

For the women who are ready for the idea, and for the men who love them and are ready to put them on the pedestal where they belong, ‘The Ten’, along with the other material on this website, can be an invaluable resource.


  1. We love The Ten. My husband was nervous when he showed it to me. And I also was nervous at the start. It is a good way to get to know things. Now sometimes I think he wonders what he got into. But he loves me and being my property. The Ten helped us set some stuff in stone. He does housework now and almost all of it. I enjoy my life.

  2. My husband and I have attempted to use The Tens in the past but things kind of fizzled out. I am ready to go full force. Didn’t think that physical discipline would ever be in my repertoire, but am anxious to try. The Tens will be a good way for me to get acquainted again and comfortable with physical discipline. He wants it so much. I believe it will be good for our relationship and help it to move on to being the best it can ever be.

  3. I would like to know how common it is that a dominant female will only insist the sub male only get to have orgasm through anal sex only?

  4. My wife is a Femdom. We are still in the early stage, but I really enjoy it. As the roles begin to change, it is a modification that is felt.

  5. i and my Wife have been looking at this site for a couple of days now.
    it seems We/we are embarking along the lines suggested here. especially the TEN methods.
    Ordinary or vanilla life might get the way of some of the suggestions but i am sure we will find a way to embrace the notion, and ambition of the method.

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